Discretionary portfolio management

Trust our experts with your asset management

Management mandates are aimed at clients who wish to entrust specialists with the financial management and follow-up of their portfolios containing collective investment securities, shares, bonds or even structured products. It falls under equity or Equity Savings Plan (PEA) portfolios, life assurance or endowment contracts under French or Luxembourgish law.

Managing your portfolio requires time and expertise. Defining an asset allocation and making it evolve over time is a complex task that is the key to long-term performance.

Delegating the management of your assets represents a strong act of trust. It is a partnership based on the convictions of our management teams and transparency in our management actions.

All our investments are more and more imbued with our “ESG Impulse” approach, which is characterised by an ESG indicator, percentage of the mandate in UCIs or Trackers / ETFs integrating ESG criteria into their investment process. This indicator is not fixed and is intended to rise over time.

Our investment strategies are based on three offers

Premium Richelieu

A concentration of all our expertise in terms of allocation and choice of funds according to different risk profiles (from 500,000 euros).

Premium Richelieu ESG

A responsible investment approach that incorporates environmental, social and governance criteria and combines convictions with a search for performance while protecting against non-financial risks (starting at €500,000).

Richelieu Dedicated

A personalized management approach that meets the main expectations of the most demanding clients (from €1 million).