Regulatory Information

For the sake of transparency and in order to allow you to compare banking rates, Banque Richelieu France hereby provides you with rates applied by our Institution with regard to the “standard market rates” identified by the Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF).

The rates below exclude package deals and any other special offers or rates specific to certain customers.

Online banking services (Online banking services) : free of charge
Not including Internet service provider costs.

Rate of a product offering SMS alerts on the status of the account : not offered

Account fees : 500 € TTC

Immediate international debit card fees: not offered

Deferred international debit card fees :
Capitol Infinite Club Visa : 500 €/year
Capitol Elite Club Mastercard : 500 €/year
Capitol Gold Visa : 130 €/year
Capitol Gold Mastercard : 130 €/year
Debit card with systematic authorisation : not offered

Fees for cash withdrawals in another bank’s cash machine (provided they are euros within the Eurozone with an international debit card) : free of charge

Insurance or theft quote : not offered

Fees for occasional transfers (e.g. SEPA transfer)
At the branch (transfer) : free of charge
Online : not offered

Payment of a SEPA direct debit
Fees to set up a standing order : free of charge
Fees for direct debit payments : free of charge

Transaction fee : free of charge

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Article 29 Energy and Climate law 2021

As part of the Europe’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Banque Richelieu France is preparing for the entry into force of the regulatory technical standards with the provision of a platform on which data is shared with Third Party Providers (TPPs). This data is shared securely via application programming interfaces (APIs).

Third Party Provider (“TPP”) API Portals
If you have an AISP agreement from ACPR or from a national competent authority in one of the EU Member States, and you would like to test our API, please contact us:

To access our Sandbox Click here

To ensure the availability and performance of our API and WSWL services, you will find below our statistics as of July 8, 2019. We will publish them quarterly.

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FGDR is aimed at protecting and compensating customers if their bank, investment firm or financing company is adjudged bankrupt.

Deposit accounts (especially current accounts) are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of FGDR.

FGDR covers securities and other financial instruments (shares, bonds, open-ended collective investment schemes (SICAVs), mutual funds, etc.) on the twofold condition that the securities are “declared unavailable” and the account holding institution cannot restore them.

For more information, visit the FGDR’s website :

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The Act of 13 June 2014, called the “Eckert” Act, on inactive bank accounts and life assurance in escheat, came into effect on 1 January 2016.

What is an inactive bank account?

An account is considered inactive if, after 12 months :

No transaction has been recorded on this account (not including interest and debit by the account holding institution, any fees and commissions or the payment of proceeds or redemption of capital or debt securities)
And the account holder has not communicated or conducted any transaction on another account opened in their name in the same institution. This period shall be extended to 5 years for securities accounts, short-term deposits and regulated savings accounts.
This period shall be extended to 5 years for securities accounts, short-term deposits and regulated savings accounts.

The Act of 13 June 2014, called “Eckert” Act on inactive bank accounts life assurance in escheat [sic]. If the sums are blocked under the Act or any contractual provision, the 5-year term shall run from the expiration of the vesting period. The Act prescribes that an account deemed as inactive must be kept in the books of the bank for 10 years. After 10 years of inactivity, the bank shall close the account and transfer the deposits and assets to the Deposits and Consignments Fund (CDC), where they shall be kept for 20 years, and then be ultimately transferred to the State.

When an account is deemed inactive, the bank must inform the holder, or their legal representative or other authorised person known by the bank annually about this fact and its consequences.

Lastly, the bank must also inform them six (6) months before the deposits to the CDC.


This does not concern you if you regularly conduct transactions on at least one of your accounts or if you communicate with your bank regularly (by checking your accounts online, exchanging communications with your private bank by post or email).

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Contact the deposit fund

  • 0 809 40 40 41

Banque Richelieu France conducts its activities in compliance with the principles of integrity and transparency in order to prevent any real or potential conflicts of interest, or at least to manage them fairly following the common framework of the group to which Banque Richelieu France belongs.

In order to identify and manage the potential types of conflicts of interest, within investment services, related services and other activities of the Group which may infringe on the customers’ interests, Banque Richelieu France is especially vigilant about the following situations prioritising the interests of an interested party, which may infringe on the interests of another interested party, particularly between :

  • One or more customers ;
  • One or more sub-contractors/suppliers ;
  • One or more counterparties ;
  • One or more related parties i.e. entities of a group, as well as the Employees, Managers and Administrators of those entities, and direct or indirect shareholders.

Particular attention is paid to any circumstance which may lead to a conflict of interest resulting from the structure of the Group and its activities.

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The objective of this report is to specify, on the one hand, the class of the top 5 investment firms in terms of volume of trade from Banque Richelieu France customers’ pending orders as of 2017 and, on the other hand, a summary of the performance quality.

Indeed, pursuant to Article 65, paragraph 6, of the Delegate Regulation (EU) 2017/565 of 25 April 2016: “when the investment firm selects other firms to provide order execution services, it shall summarise and make public, on an annual basis, for each class of financial instruments, the top five investment firms in terms of trading volumes where it transmitted or placed client orders for execution in the preceding year and information on the quality of execution obtained”.

Banque Richelieu France provides the following investment services :

  • Acceptance-Issuance of Ordres ;

  • Management on behalf of thrid parties ;

  • Financial investment consultancy.

In that respect, the Bank issues its orders for execution to four market traders, and it is thus subject to the best selection obligation in accordance with the general principle of furtherance of the customers’ interests.

Banque Richelieu France has defined a selection policy of middlemen aimed at achieving the best possible results when the Bank issuing its orders.

I – Class of top 5 investment firms selected by Banque Richelieu France

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All client orders were prepared by the traders from these 4 investment firms approved by the Broker committee.

II – Analysis of execution quality

Banque Richelieu France issues its Customers’ orders for Brokers to complete them. In this respect, the Bank takes any steps to select Brokers or counterparties which help them fulfil their obligations in the best possible way. In this vein, our institution conducts a yearly review of these authorised traders via an evaluation grid completed by the Director of the Financial Management Division, the Transaction Desk Officer and the Compliance Department for every counterparty. The rating criteria are: price, delivery settlement, order processing quality and research. In terms of Compliance, it relies on execution policies and the execution reports of counterparties.

This review is presented to the Broker Selection Committee, the ratings being presented in a meeting held at least once a year.

In accordance with Articles L313.6 and R313-3 of the Consumer code, you will find information about real estate loans which the Bank may offer attached hereto.

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In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir Act, Banque Richelieu France is publishing its gender equality index for the UES, established on the 1st March 2023, 80 points out of 100.

The index allows companies to transparently measure the gender pay gap and highlight areas for improvement.

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