Lending solutions

Our Asset Financing offer

At Banque Richelieu France, we are specialized in developing secure financing solutions that are integrated into a global asset management strategy for private clients.

In order to effectively assist you in your projects, we provide you with our expertise with the dual objective:

> comprehensive support aimed at optimizing the financing structure in terms of assets, finance and tax

> diligent research into your file (feasibility study and a loan agreement, if necessary: rapid availability of the loaned funds.)

Our lending range includes:

> Financing of your cash flow needs

> The financing of your real estate projects (purchase of your primary residence, secondary residences, investment property, financing of works, financing of real estate LBOs, etc.)

> Refinancing of existing debts

> Refinancing of partners’ current accounts

> The monetisation of your property assets with a view to diversifying your sources of revenue and enabling you to underwrite financial assets

> The issuance of banking guarantees – especially liability guarantees during the transfer of your company.

Our loans shall be backed by personal property collateral or a mix of personal property and real property collateral.

The repayment can be made in a depreciable or “in fine” method, corresponding to a payment of only interest during the duration of the financing, the capital being repaid in one go at the end of the financing.

Thus, whatever your horizons and investment objectives, Banque Richelieu France supports you in identifying and implementing transparent, optimal and tailor-made solutions in order to answer your specific needs.

A loan is binding and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing to it.